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Health & Safety Policy

United Consulting Engineers Inc have company safety procedures under OSHA(Occupational Safety and health Administration) guideline, UCE have OSHA Trained personal who can able to work at the construction project operation,

Company Procedure established a uniform method for reporting personal injuries, equipment damage accident and vehicle accident, job site supervisor shall ensure that corrective action is taken to prevent similar incident for near miss accident.

Company drug screen policy: Company working place should be drug free work place, every company tier employees are prohibited from reporting for duty under the influence of any intoxicating substance which will in any way adversely affects their working ability alertness, coordination, response or adversely affect the safety of any person at the project. It i responsibility of each employee and sub contractor of every tire to employees reporting for duty of the project are free from the influence of any intoxicating substance. Employees that report to work while under the influence will be dismissed from the job site and company have own safety procedure manual.

Safety Manual